Get involved at ALCA

The school experience is about more than just getting an education.  At ALCA, we want our students to feel connected to one another and to have the ability to connect on a social level.  We also value the support provided to our students by our Learning Coaches and Caretakers.  Take a look below at some opportunities for students to become more involved at ALCA.

Learning Coaches on Board

Join with other Learning Coaches and Caretakers in support of ALCA students.  Learning Coaches on Board is an organization led by ALCA Learning Coaches who want to help students get involved in their school, create opportunities for socialization, and offer support to one another.

Middle School Clubs

Middle school is a great time to explore different interests.  We encourage students to find a club to help get connected with other students at school.  Maybe you’re interested in reading, drawing, music, or baking.  We have many clubs that can help connect you with other students with similar interests.

High School Clubs

Interested in baking, manga, student government, or some other topic?  We most likely have a club for that!  Join with other students who are interested in similar hobbies and activities.  Joining clubs at ALCA is a great way to get involved and to also make some new friends who are interested in the same things as you.




Learning Coach Success Series

Access the Fall 2023 Learning Coach Success sessions.  These sessions are designed to give Learning Coaches and Caretakers the tools they need to successfully support their students through their educational journey.

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